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Who We Are

Hi there! We are Carly and Danny, the faces behind the booth. Our daughter is the inspiration for our company name, as our family calls her: Sweet Pea! And to us, it doesn't get much sweeter than that.

We have a mutual love for hosting parties, and making people truly smile! Our passion for providing a fun time and creating everlasting memories through photos, coupled with our entrepreneurial mindset is how we founded Sweet Pea Photo Booth. With one's extensive experience in the hospitality industry, photography and marketing, along with the the other's tech skills and muscles, (thanks for the heavy lifting: Greenery Wall) we really play off each other's strengths, making us successful as partners in life and business. With an understanding for how important and meaningful all clients' celebrations are, Sweet Pea Photo Booth promises to always bring the expertise and professionalism that our clients deserve!

Our mission at Sweet Pea Photo Booth is simple: to provide the highest-quality services in a fun, unique and memorable way. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and make some sweet memories with Sweet Pea Photo Booth.

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